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Visitor's Question:
My partner and i have not been together long but are doing long distance. I get to see him every second weekend. He is wonderful. I have male and female friends and so does he.

I'm finding it hard not to become jealous when he goes out for drinks or hangs out with females i don't know. I've seen some of their pic's on facebook and they look like beautiful fun girls. I know the jealousy is me being silly but I need to know how i can turn it off.

I know hes not going to do anything. I trust him, I just don't trust them. I don't know them to know i can trust them.

How can i stop feeling this way? Are there some steps i can take to make these thoughts go away?

Our Suggestion:
Handling long distance jealousy is VERY common - so know that you aren't alone. This is something that most people in long distance relationships have to deal with. How can you compete with someone who is snuggly and warm and is right there?

You can never know what is in the mind of other women who are around him. That is a reality you need to find a way to come to terms with. All you can know is the man that you trust in.

Find daily ways to show him you care about him and are thinking about him. Find ways to stay in his heart.

To be fair, he should be cautious about being in tempting situations. If his intention is to be true to you, he shouldn't be out with girls hanging all over him. That's just not a healthy situation to be in. He shouldn't be a hermit, but there's a middle ground in there somewhere. Could he have "skype nights" with you, where you hang out and talk? Does he have to go out partying every night?

Good luck!


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