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Visitor's Question:
Why does it seem like I can never get a girlfriend? I'm not ugly i know it, I'm just average in looks, I dress well, and I'm fun. But I do attract black girls but the problem is I'm not into to black girls. I cant just hook up with a black girl cuz then it wouldn't be fair to either me or her if i'm not feeling the same way for her. But other than that it doesnt seem like I appeal to any other girl.

So I gave up because I always have friends with girlfriends and I'm the one left out and it makes me feel like ####. :(

And what makes me feel even worse is when someone always says "Now we gotta get you a girlfriend". That just tears me to shreds! And because they say that, I start to dislike black girls more and more because I feel like its their fault I'm single and that's not me.

It's been like this since 6th grade and i just finished high school. It makes me feel so terrible that I've even cried about it a few times, even a few minutes ago before I typed this. I just feel like I'm meant to be alone and when I feel like that i feel worse.:(

Your probably gonna say something like "Just be yourself" or "It'll happen eventually"! But I'm sorry I've always been myself and I'm tired of waiting!

So yeah,is it really safe to say that i'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life? And is it o.k. to say that i'm giving up on girls? (I'm not gonna go gay)

Our Suggestion:
I realize this might be a challenging thing to consider, but all women are women regardless of their skin color. If you watch a few movies like "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" and similar movies you'll realize that there are many people who don't draw lines between "OK to date" and "not OK to date". What matters is that a woman cares about you, not that her skin is exactly "pink tint" or "brown tint" or so on. If a woman loves you, why would you judge her based on what her skin happens to look like? Hopefully we are beyond that in modern times. Hopefully we realize people are people and their skin color is not really that important.

You DO have women who care about you - and you're dismissing them just because their parents happened to have a certain color skin. You are telling them they're not worth as much because their skin tint is the wrong color. That's a shame. Do you want people to judge you based on your hair color? Would you want the perfect woman for you to say "Oh I can't date him, his hair isn't curly enough"? Should that really matter?

Many men would dream to be in your condition. You have women who are interested. Open your eyes and see what they offer you.


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