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I love him,i truly love him! I've tried telling him abt my feelings a million times,but he wouldnt show up! He once asked me out,I couldn't make it there! N since then,he never made another effort! He's too shy! We talk,we text(rarely),we tease each other,call each other names,sometimes flirt too,but no progress further! He gets sooo jealous when i talk with my guy-friends,he's very protective of me too. Well,he's protective of every1. Since my attempts didnt work out,I tried getting over him. No luck! I jus couldnt. Whenever i'm quite confident i got over him,something or the other turns me towards him again!
I once almost told him,almost,indirectly,yet any1 could make it out what i actually meant,but he was quiet,no response. I'm quite shy myself too,more of embarrassed actually,so i cant even tell him i've started developing feelings 4 him as tht would make the friendship awkward n we might start ignoring each other again! So how do i make something work between us? How do i make him realise? Also,can u tell me a few signs tht would make me sure he likes me too?PLEASE?? :(
I've been waiting for a really long time for him and really really want him to be mine.. Please help..

Our Suggestion:
When both people are shy, sometimes things never work out. One of you has to work up the courage to ask the other if they are interested. It may as well be you.

If he leans in to you when talking, if he touches you on the back/shoulder/arm when talking, if he smiles at you a lot, if he looks at you when you are not looking at him...these are all signs he might want to date you. Take these clues and a deep breath, and tell him how you feel. Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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