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I have problem of being too nosy to my boyfriend. Shortly after we started dating, he went to the army for a year, so I only saw him in the weekends. He's been back for almost 5 months now and I still have the problem of wanting to spend every living moment with him. It has gone better, but I still don't understand why does it bother me, that when I can't go somewhere with him, but he does, I feel betrayed? And why do I want to know every second of what he's doing? And I tend to get VERY emotional of some totally stupid stuff. I've gone better at discussing things normally and finding the solution. But I still do it several times in a month! It's very nerve-racking and makes us feel bad for many days. Like today for example: I got so unreasonable and tried to justify myself when he didn't want to come with me to my home-city. Even though he had quite good reasons to stay. Why is it that I sometimes can't handle myself when it comes to him and still overreact? Is there a logical explanation and can I become any better? I'd really try, because I've never found anyone who's more worth it and I don't want to make him miserable because of fighting all the time :)

Thank you in advance!

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I think maybe you realize that you do have a problem, here. I wonder if you might have some kind of depression or anxiety issues? It is worth talking about this with your doctor. Try to see if a therapist can help you work through your fears. There are medications that can be prescribed so you feel more even-keeled from day to day, and there is no shame in taking them.

At the least, look into some self help books to try to get a handle on why you have those days where you fall apart. You sound pretty self-aware, so you have a good chance that you can overcome these irrational fears and develop a stronger sense of self esteem.

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