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So theres that really sportive and nice girl at school in my class that started flirting with me, and I realised I like her too.. I've tried flirting back to her for about a week now and we both know the other is interested... But I never asked any girl out, only had a few of them asking me out in the past and was wondering how I should do this.. Should I write something to her or tell her in private?.. Or maybe just wait more and do something else?.. She's probably waiting for me to make the first move.

Well I know my english isn't perfect but I think you get the idea.

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Yes, absolutely ask her out for a nice, light date with you. Take her aside when she is alone, and say you want to ask her something. Then see if she would like to get a coffee with you, or see a movie. Be confident and smile at her. If she likes you back, she will seem happy also, and try to come up with a time you can both meet. Be plain that you want to do something with HER, not just that you want company for a movie, or whatever. Good luck!

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