cheated on twice but still love her

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Visitor's Question:
My girl and i have been together for about a year and a half now. near october she told me that she had cheated on me over the summer. we worked past it, because i love her and think that she feels the same way. Now in january she admits to have cheated on me again, with the same person. I love her to death and she says she feels the same way, but im finding it difficult to trust her. i want to be with her, and she says she feels the same way. We have agreed that she needs to stop talking to the guy she cheated with, but the guy has long been her freind for years, and is freinds with all of her freinds, and is finding it difficult to sever him from her life. i want to be with her, what can i do?

Our Suggestion:
It's not wrong for her to have male friends. It IS wrong to cheat on you, especially twice, especially with the same person. She does not sound ready to commit to you. I am sorry. She just does not seem trustworthy. She will probably cheat again. :(

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