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My ex-boyfriend and I have known each other since 3rd grade... He moved away, but we got back in contact with each other about two years ago. Although we lived far away, we talked often... for about a year, getting to know each other better. after that we started dating (making it a long distance relationship). Surprisingly, we were both very happy.

However, we closed the gap when we started going to the same college the fall of 2010. He lives right up the street from me. NOW I have to compete with the internet for his attention. His friends convinced him to start chatting on the webcam in a room that random ppl go onto every night. It's fair to say he's addicted to it. I started getting iffy about that. it's one thing to be on a chat with random ppl talking, but later i found out he was adding there ppl onto his personal skype and stuff... a few of the girls have his number now. this lead us to break up.

even though we're broke up, we still spend a lot of time together... it's almost like we didn't break up. some ppl think we're still dating. we talked about getting back together, but he said we won't until i can trust him. He's even told mutual friends this, that he wants to be with me... however, I know for a fact that he is leading this girls on the internet on. i've seen the messages on skype and it doesn't seem like i should trust him.

If I start disregarding these "internet whores" is it possible that he will stop talking to them? after all, this is the closest thing he's done to cheating... or am I just foolish for waiting to see if he's going to stop or not?

Our Suggestion:
Hmmm. I think he is not ready to commit. It's one thing to enjoy your internet socializing, and quite another to have chat room girlfriends. Squarely, it isn't fair to you. Come to think of it, it's not nice what he is doing to these other girls, either. Follow your first instincts here. He needs to grow out of this kind of immaturity, but you certainly don't have to wait around for him to do so.

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