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Ok now i know this question prolly has been answered before but i wanted to ask it my self now im 17 years old and in high school i like this girl me and her have been frineds for a year now and i really like her and i attempt to flirt with her by telling her that she pretty etc... but other then that we are really great friends and i want to be som,thing more but she kinda doesnt seem me in the same way i see her.... well atleast i think but she a.ways talks to me first so i think thats a good sign but who knows and sorry for the very long question but i need help with getting to flirt with her better and push the friend ship gap ty for the advice in advance

Our Suggestion:
Ask her out! That's the simple answer. It does not have to be a huge production. Ask her to go catch a movie with you, or grab a latte, or go for a walk in the park, maybe with some dogs. Just pick something light and fun. The idea is that you are giving her the opportunity to jump on the idea of doing something with you. If she likes you, she will make a plan with you. If she hems and haws about it, then you really have your answer and can safely continue your friendship.

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