is it socally acceptible and would it ruin my life?

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hi i've been having feeling for a girl now for about a year ad haven't been able to get the guts to ask her out.

i know she has feeligns for someone else but she flirts with me quite a bit (mainly by when we get to stairs pushing past me to walk up the stairs with her behind in my face and walking slowly .)

she a year younger than me but when i will be 18 in a few days she will still be 16..... in our group we meet at i will be a treated as a adult where she wont be .

so what im really asking is do you think i could still ask her even with her young age , if you think i should ask her out when she has feels for some one else and if the flirting is proper or where she is just joking around?

Our Suggestion:
If she has feelings for someone else but is still single, then you have a chance with her. If she is dating someone else, I'd leave her alone rather than getting involved in a messy love triangle.

As for the issue of your ages - yes, it is true that it is illegal for an adult of 18 to have intercourse with a minor. I would tread very carefully if you start dating. Stay on the legal side of the law just in case. You do not want to leave yourself open to the possibility of being arrested and booked as a sexual predator - that will follow you around forever. And yes, it could ruin your life.

If you do find yourself dating, make sure to be open and clear with your parents, her parents (and each other) that nothing illegal will occur. It will be up to you to be the grown-up and the gentleman.

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