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Visitor's Question:
Hello, im having a little bit of a situation.I really like a girl i saw over a internet social page and got the courage to chat with her i told her i thought she was cute and everything but i would really like to get to know her but she has a girlfriend.... so what do i do? just let it go or pursue her even though shes in a relationship?

thank you

Our Suggestion:
If a girl you like already has a girlfriend, I think you know what the right thing to do is. It's not what you want to hear, but pursuing someone already involved is a bad call on three levels - it could end up really hurting someone, it doesn't show you in the best light...and it could also come with a lot of baggage that might make you wish you'd waited.

Chances are this girl won't stay with her current gal. I'd advise making a friendship with her. Everyone could use a good friend. If she is free to date later, then make your move. At the least, you will have a new friend to cherish. Good luck!

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