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Visitor's Question:
Okay, let me try to make this short. :)
I'm a girl who is dating another girl.
And well said girl is VERY experienced and I'm well... Not.
In fact, I'm deathly afraid of physical contact and intimacy.
She's been very patient with me, but I'm very impatient. I love her, and she means so much to me, and I want to show her this, I just don't know how.
So my questions areee,
How do I initiate a kiss?
And How do I get over my fear of physical contact?
Thank you so much in advance. :D

Our Suggestion:
First thing to do - get cuddly. You don't have to kiss or do anything more involved yet. Try hanging out as close to her as possible - near each other on the couch, for example. Offer backrubs. Hold her hand when you are walking together, or if you are watching a movie with her.

See if you can simply lean on each other for comfort, as when you are sitting on a rock/log/park bench when you go for a walk. Try to touch her lightly on the arm or leg when sitting and talking.

If you can break the no-contact space frequently, and she either likes it or reciprocates, then you will have gone a LONG way to getting over your fear of physical contact. You can get comfortable touching her, without having to do anything that activates your fear barriers. I know you are impatient, but remember to try to be kind to yourself and not push anything. It will work out better in the long run if you can work on being very affectionate and cuddly now.

As for kissing, that usually happens when you least expect it. If you really do get impatient, then just pick a time and lean in and kiss her. Find a time you are alone and enjoying each other's company. Give her a light kiss and see what she does. Chances are she will take it from there!

Have fun. This can be a really special time for you both.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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