Will my guy friends become Jealous if I go out with another guy friend?

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Visitor's Question:
High school can have so much drama. The last little while I have needed to fall back on my friends and they have always been there. But recently I have found a guy who says he really likes me and I think I may be falling for him. The only Problem is my best guy friend seems to be really protective of me. I don't know why. The thing I am worried about is he may become jealous of this guy and if he does anything to hurt me I get the feeling one of two things could happen. he could be there ready to kill the guy or he will just let me fall. I don't want to ruin a friendship but really like this guy.
Is it possible to find a way to maybe help them understand where the other is coming from?

Our Suggestion:
Your friend sounds like he might have stronger feelings for you than friendship. It's not really his job - if he is just a friend - to get in the way of your romantic entanglements. :)

I do understand the jealousy thing, though - if you spend time with this new guy, your friend will see less of you. That is something friendships encounter again and again, and it never really gets easier to handle for the one left behind. Maybe you can reassure your friend you will always make time for him, that you will still have lots of fun together and such. A good, honest talk will probably do wonders.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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