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I recently friend requested a girl on facebook who was recomended to me because we had some common friends but none of whom i am very close to or would feel comfortable asking for help with this.she accepted my friend request but i have never had a chance to talk to her because i am unsure how to introduce myself through a social network. i would realy like to get to know her because she is very beautiful and seems to be the type of girl i want to get to know. how should i do this?

Our Suggestion:
Do you have friends in common? Maybe you could chat about people you both know, or about common interests. Check her public page to see if you have any interests in common. Also, you can easily make comments about her comments, or post notes under any photos she posts, or at least "like" the things she says.

Be careful with this not to go too far overboard - you don't want to seem like a creepy stalker. Use your judgement and be casually friendly. You can always ramp up the interest later if she seems to respond well to your interest in her.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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