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There is this guy I like who is 14 (I am 13 and a half). We go to taekwondo class (self defense so it is a sort of serious class) together (a total fluke). We are getting to be friends, but don't talk all that much at school (we are in the same school and grade). He is always nice to me, and a good listener. He occasionally jokes with me. Another guy at my school told me he likes me, but I said I don't feel that way about him. At this dance we all went to, he kept following me (the guy who likes me) and I started to get frustrated. The other guy (the one I like) asked me to dance (slow dance) to the song Forever Young by Alphaville (slow-ish song). I accepted and we danced. It has been a month and he has not brought it up in any conversations (us dancing not "the dance" in general), we have just gone back to normal. What should I do or say to let him know I liked dancing with him, and like him??
Please help.

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You might need to make it more clear you like this guy. There is no reason you can't invite him to see a movie with you, for an easy way to test the waters. See how that goes. Smile at him and make it clear you enjoy his company. It's good practice for you, whether it blossoms into something more or not. Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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