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Visitor's Question:
So there is this girl I have been hanging out with. For her birthday I wrote her a poem that she really liked. A week or so later we watched a movie together alone in my room. Two to three weeks later, she was sick and we had a break from school, we watched another movie together as before and she commented about wanting to do it again some time. How do I move things further without being too forward?

Our Suggestion:
I think things are progressing nicely! Keep up what you are doing, and maybe branch out into other date ideas, one where you can spend more time talking to each other instead of watching a movie. If you go for a walk together, or to the museum (or whatever), reach out and hold her hand. Give her a hug when you see her and a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Maybe she will swing around to give you her lips instead. :)

And writing her another poem couldn't hurt!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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