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Visitor's Question:
I'm in college and I see this guy working in the cafeteria a couple times a week. His smile is PERFECT and he's either laughing or smiling whenever he's there. I really want to get to know him, but it's so hard to have a conversation with him since he's helping people in the food line. I've started small talk with him about food choices and what's good or not, but I want to have a real convo with him. How can I flirt with him or ask him out without interrupting him working?

Our Suggestion:
Maybe you can write him a note, or get him a card, saying you'd like to get to know him better. You can suggest doing something light and fun together, like going for an easy hike, or visiting a museum, or checking out the local zoo.

Leave him your email address and see if he gets in touch! :)

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