his fanasty but I'm worried

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Visitor's Question:
ok so my boyfriend and I have disscussed physical things that we both would like to do to each other at some point, and his is to give me oral sex. I really don't have much of a problem with it expect that I'm worried that when he goes down there, he'll be disgusted by the hair that is down there. I know that it's normal but still i feel like he'd be repulsed by that. I've tried shaving and waxing and both of those did not turn out well.

Our Suggestion:
It's normal to have hair down there, and I would relax and let him worry about that. Make sure you are clean (freshly bathed) in your private parts, and most of the lose hairs will wash off first. Also, a clean area smells nicer. Bathe yourself gently with a simple soap or body wash(don't scrub so hard you end up feeling too tender to the touch).

Go for it! Remember to relax! This is supposed to be enjoyable.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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