we brokeup, I dont know what to do

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Me and my ex were friends almost 3-years before being together, we went for a class trip & fell in love. We were almost 9 months together and he was my first true love, we had the most amazing time and we were so in love. But we also had problems and we started avoid fo eachothers at school & we just started fighted all the time, so I didnt want to be with him anymore. Couple days later I wanted him back, we texted and we were going back together, then I told him that I had kissed his friend at a party after our breakup, he decited he doesent want me anymore & were done. Then he found out that I had kisses some boy at another party a long time ago before our breakup and he got so mad at me & now he hates me. Two weeks after our breakup I founded out he is seeing his ex_girlfriend again. Now its been 3months and im alone without anyone, and ive never been this lost, i just have no idea what i should do and how can I get over him. Ive been crying almost every day after the breakup.Every time we see eachother, he doesent even look at me. He is very happy with his girlfriend. Thank you for answearing already!

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I am sorry to say that you need to move on. There is too much water under the bridge with this guy. He could forgive your kissing when you were "on a break", but was under no obligation to accept you kissing someone during your actual relationship. Couple that with the recent kiss-on-a-break, and it doesn't look so good for you.

It sounds like you broke his heart and his trust. :-(

In the future, I'd be very careful about your behavior when alone with guys or at parties. You want to work on being a trustworthy girlfriend. You want your reputation to be that of a good girl to date. Forget the past - start fresh today to become a person you can be proud of.

I'd leave your ex alone. Let him move on, as he seems to be doing. Take this as a learning experience and go forward to better, more mature ways of relating.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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