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Heya, :)
So I had my first kiss on Sunday, and I do like him, but I'm not sure if he is that good at kissing. I have watched vids on how to kiss and stuff, and I might try them on Wednesday, but how can I if he kisses differently? I am 14 and he is a year younger, but he has waay more experience than I do, and I can't exactly say "yeah I was studying kissing like a maniac and I want to try some of the stuff, so would you take a seat over there?"
He invades my mouth and on Sunday when we broke the kiss I had spit around my mouth, and our teeth were mashing together :S
What can I do to make our kissing more... Pleasurable?
Thanks so much! :)

Our Suggestion:
I would try to introduce him to more gentle, romantic techniques. It may be uncomfortable for you, but someone needs to teach him how to kiss. It might hurt his feelings now, but will honestly be a good thing you can do for him. Painfully mashing teeth and lips together, and ending up with wet spittle everywhere, just isn't doing it right. He might chase away away a lot of girlfriends or even never figure out that his technique is sloppy and unpleasant.

It sounds like you have done the research on kissing and are willing to try working with this boy. Be kind, be gentle and be nice...but also be willing to take the lead in instructing him in more soft, romantic techniques. I have a feeling this will work out fine in the end.

Here is a link to our Kissing Ebook for Guys, in case that will be a help to you - http://www.romanceclass.com/ebooks/kissing_m.asp

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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