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My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year now and used to have a lot of sex. For the past 4 months shes been on birth control due to a small health issue. Her libido is non-existant and I feel sometimes it hurts our relationship. I can't tell her to get off of the pill because i know she needs it for herself. Are there any other methods to bring her libido back while taking the pill as well? Anything she can eat or try?

Thanks a lot

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This is the kind of situation that calls for your girlfriend to have a conversation with her doctor. A lot of medications depress the libido, which is unfortunate. However, a doctor has a lot of leeway in adjusting drug dosages, in changing brands, and in prescribing something completely different that might have a different effect on her brain chemistry. Definitely have her make a plan to check this out...and don't be afraid to find a doctor that specializes in this field, if necessary.

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