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Visitor's Question:
So I started hanging out with my ex and my boyfriend knew the whole time. The second time we hung out, we kissed. We swore not to tell anyone, but I told my boyfriend that night because I couldn't keep something like that from the one man I really love. He loves me so much that he stayed with me, but I still feel awful. I'm not sure if I should stay with him after I did this because I feel so guilty or if I should let him go to find someone else who won't be unfaithful
I'm not sure if I just can't forgive myself when he can.
How can I get past this?

Our Suggestion:
This one is easy - just don't do it again. You made a mistake, you confessed and were forgiven. I think you are in an okay place. You did the right thing by coming clean, and your boyfriend is willing to forgive/forget this incident.

We all make mistakes. The measure of a person is what we do after that.

Make sure you are worthy of the trust your boyfriend is giving you in all your days ahead. Be faithful, and be happy together. :-)

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