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I am dating this guy for 6 months now. We are connected through my sister and we know each other online. He fly down to see me 3 months ago and we enjoyed the presence of each other. Recently he has moved to US and we are like having 15 hours of time difference therefore we talked less. We fight more often as well. I sort of get insecure and have doubts about our relationship and I actually talk out these with him. But somehow we end up fighting and few days ago he broke up with me saying this is not going to work but he still love me! I still love him too! I have tried asking him to give me a chance to work things out but he is quite determined with the decision. I don't know what else I can do. Should I wait a little longer for him to cool down and talk to him again? I really want to continue this relationship with him but he doesn't seem to want to continue further although he said he still love me.

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As you will find out throughout life, you can love someone and still not make it work. I have no doubt he loves you. I have no doubt it is also over. You have too much space between you, at this point, and the increased arguments should be telling you something.

In addition to love, for a committed relationship there has to be the effort of both parties to work at it. It seems he is ready to move on with his new life. You could certainly still be online friends if you feel up to it, but mentally it's time to take your power back and move on as well.

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