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Im 16 Years Old. I Have Been Going Out With My BoyFriend For About 5 Months Already And Im Trying To See What Else i Can Do To Turn My BoyFriend On (besides rubbing his stomach). He Likes It When i Kiss Him On The Neck But i Want To Do Something Else To His Neck That He Might Also Like But iDont Know What.IAlso Want To Improve Our Ways Of Kissing. I Want To Make This Relationship Wild And Exiting But iDont Know What To Do. What Can i Do???

Our Suggestion:
Most boys like neck kissing, and you can be more creative with that. Try sucking on his neck (it might make a hicky, so ask if that would be okay) and giving it little flirty bites. You can kiss him anywhere else on his face, his eyelids, his shoulders, his stomach, anywhere on his body.

You can also experiment with lip kissing - try sucking on his lips, or lightly biting them. Kiss gently, and then harder with passion. Don't slobber on him, but take a chance at putting your tongue in his mouth, or taking his tongue into yours. You can also try gently sucking on his tongue (never bite a tongue!).

You can lightly lick an area on him and them blow air across it - that can send shivers down his spine. This is very nice on the neck, the shoulders or his chest.

With your hands, you can stroke his body, or massage him, and give him little squeezes, or even try very light slaps (no hitting). Be creative! You are young and free to experiment. Just agree that if either of you dislikes something, or becomes uncomfortable, you will both immediately stop doing that. Trust is very important. Have fun!

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