does he like me or is it just male hormones?

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Okay, well me and my friend (ill call him tom) have slowly started getting closer and we talk nearly everyday and see eachother often. I invited him out clubbing with some of my friends and he agreed to come. I had started liking him more than a friend. While out i got a bit drunk and my friend told him i liked him and asked if he would ever get with me. He said yes and for the rest of the night we kissed. He was sober. We text like normal the next day and haven't brought up the kissing. I saw him a few days later, we met at a friends. When he arrived he stroked my head as a greeting but didn't hug me when i lied down next to him or show any sign he liked me, though 4 guy friends were also there. I cuddled up to him and thought i felt his head lean on mine a bit but i can't be sure. He also spoke about having sex with other girls un the past and how someone is introducing him to this other girl soon. If he likes me, surely he wouldn't talk about other girls... he gave me a lift home that night and i didn't know if i should kiss him goodbye. I decided i should and he kissed me back, putting his hands on my waist. It felt genuine but im always the one to make the move and he's not a shy guy. He's confident and outgoing. He called me hot and kissed me back, but im worried he's just a horny 19 year old...

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I have to say I think you are correct. If he wanted a relationship with you - and he's not a shy guy - then you would know it by now. I think you already know this, but are hoping there might be more to it.

Back off and see if he chases you at all. If he doesn't, then you will know that he's not terribly interested. It might be that you are just a pleasant convenience to him, or a friend with benefits. And if he is talking about other girls around you, that is also not a good sign. :(

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