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Last year, my current boyfriend was involved with a girl for 3 months that had a boyfriend, and they fell in love. We live in Pennsylvania, and she moved to Colorado to be with her boyfriend. He was under the impression that he would never see her again, and he said it bothered him a little but he was fine because he loves me. Well, she came back to visit friends last week. He admitted that he still loves her, but he doesn't want to be with her. It was his first love, so I do understand that. The only thing that is keeping me sane is my best friend. She is still in love with this guy she used to date (first love) but I know she does not want to be with him at all.. He is trying really hard to get over her but it's just hard on both of us with her here.. I know he misses her and they still talk a few times a week, but he is really trying to get over her. Should I break up with him because of this? It isn't really something he can help. please answer quickly I'm desperate

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I'd give him some time. You are both young and it may be that he really truly does not know how to get past this. it is extremely difficult to forget one's first love. All you can ever really do is learn how to move on, and time takes care of the rest.

I think patience is called for. She is only visiting, so when she goes home, things should quickly get back to normal.

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