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Hi, I am just curious about the boy I met at church. I've only known him for about 5 or 6 months, and I don't know why but he always act weird when I'm around. And he is ALWAYS around, and I think he is trying to get my attention. Last Sunday, when we were at church, (we are on the same age group so we have the same "Sunday class") I sat beside him and I felt so nervous but I said hi anyway. He said hello, waiting for me to say more but I couldn't. I knew he wasn't comfortable, he was always moving on his chair, fixing his tie, playing with his hands, changing position..breathing fast..I think he was nervous. I was trying to keep my cool.
Well every time I start liking someone, I tend to ignore that person. I think he likes me but I'm not sure. I'm so shy and I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if he likes me.. hope you can help me! THANKS!

Our Suggestion:
If the both of you are very shy people, you may never get together. I think if you want to explore dating him, it will need to be you who leads the way. It sounds like he does like you from what you say, so I hope that will give you the courage to flirt with him a little and get to know him.

Start out with easy questions, like what he thought of a previous sermon or teaching. Ask questions that require longer answers than a simple yes or no response - that will make him talk longer and might ease both of you into being more comfortable talking together.

Make it a point to talk with him a little bit each Sunday, and whenever else you see him. Be friendly and smile at him. Be happy to see him: don't make him guess that you like him.

Take it slow and good luck! Treat this as a good learning experience for you to get over your shyness and to learn to talk to boys. :)

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