crazy about my best friend. think feelings are mutual.... maybe...?

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Ok so my very best friend used to have a really major crush on me but i wouldn't date him (even though i liked him) because 1)i was afraid to risk our friendship and 2) he's been hurt before and i didn't want to risk hurting him. He found a girl about 5 months ago that he started to like. I encouraged him to ask her out because she seemed sweet and he seemed happy. Now that they've been dating for a few months, she treats him like cr@p and is a serious gold digger (his family is well off). As time goes on, she treats him worse and worse and he reverts back to the behavior that was so common when he was crazy about me. It's to the point that even my school's teachers are shocked when they find out we're not together. I have serious feelings for him beyond just the basic crush. I can read him really well and i'm almost positive he feels the same. How should u go about telling him how i feel or should i even tell him at all?

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This happens quite a lot. How do you move forward with a friend you have more than friendly feelings for? My thought is that if it's a true friendship, the friendship won't be damaged by trying out a relationship. That is really the only way to know.

Wait until his current relationship ends naturally. You don't want to have a hand in pressuring him in breaking things off. It could taint anything you have later.

Then, start with your friend clean and new, when he is free. Maybe look him full in the eyes and give him a kiss, just to see what happens. He probably knows how you feel anyway. It's worth a shot.

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