i cant get over my ex :(

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Visitor's Question:
hello, its been a month since me and my girlfriend brokeup and i cant get over her she was the love of my life... so what do i do now im very depressed and cant seem to get over her any tips suggestions? help!!

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Breakups are very hard to deal with - no one can, unfortunately, make the pain just go away. Even several months down the road the pain can still feel fresh and new. Only time and new interests can help you out.

I would suggest being good to yourself right now. Do a whole lot of things you enjoy doing - reading in bed, bowling with friends, seeing endless movies, going for walks, throwing yourself into sports, or working on hobbies and crafts. Write, draw, take photographs, be creative! If friends invite you out, then make yourself get up and go! Only you can help yourself along. You've wallowed in the pain for a month now. Now make yourself have other interests and get going.

You will find that each day, the pain becomes a little bit less. Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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