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Visitor's Question:
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a week, but we've known each other awhile. As I'm sure you know, us teens are a lot more mature nowadays. He and I have kissed and made out since the day we made it official. But he's got more of a track record than I do, like certain things he's done with one of his ex girlfriends. We've already made out laying on his bed when we were home alone. I'm 14, and that's as far as I'd like to go. Is there any way to prevent more from happening without hurting his feelings? I really don't want to lose him.

Our Suggestion:
Stay strong. Let your guy know exactly where your boundaries are, so he doesn't have to guess. It is always completely up to you how far you are willing to go sexually. If he is mature about it, he will realize this has nothing to do with him and everything to do with your own body, your own readiness. It's not something he should feel hurt over at all. Just be honest, and let him know that you do care, in all other ways you comfortable in showing it. :)

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