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Visitor's Question:

I haven't had contact with my ex for about a year now. I have decided to write her a handwritten letter. I don't like emails and texts and I do not want to put her on the spot by calling her.

The letter is basically just to tell her I think about her and that if she was at place where she isn't upset with me anymore and single that I would love to hear from her.

She can decide for herself if she wants to contact me and which way.

My question is and its silly is should I include my email address? I mean that kind of sounds informal to me like I'm meeting her online. I would hope she still has it but she might have erased it.

I am def putting my # in the letter in case she forgot that and she will have my return address on the envelope.

I know this sounds dumb, I would just like your opinion..

Our Suggestion:
I think it is lovely that you want to write a hand-written letter to someone. It is a wonderful feeling in this modern day and age to receive a real letter. So much of what we do is ephemeral and instantly deleted.

I think it's great to touch base with her in a non-confrontational way. She can read it at her leisure. She can think about it. Then she can take her time in responding.

I would definitely include your email address as one of the options. You want to give her as many options as you can for her response, since you hope that she does respond. That way she can use what is most comfortable for her.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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