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Visitor's Question:
Hi, I am a guy of 14 and have a crush on my teacher who is approx. 25+. Recently, I had sent her a very bad message related to f**k.

I tried several times to get her pardon but she is not listening and moreover ignoring me too. After a month, the entire school came to know about this and my Principal, the teachers and my parents have warned me not to talk to her neither look at her, I cannot talk to her, neither can go closer to her nor give an eye-contact.

Now the question arises what should I do to get her back because I know she also wants me back but doesn't want to show it. I really want her back in my life but cannot contact her in any way neither on FaceBook nor on any social-networking site.

Please give me tips and I request you to tell me how should my attitude be towards her and how shall I react when we have an eye-contact. Please. Please I need your help.

Our Suggestion:
I realize this is a very challenging situation. Many if not most students in the 13-15 age range get serious crushes on teachers. They fall in love with them. They are convinced the teachers love them back.

She could get into SERIOUS LEGAL TROUBLE if you try to contact her now. She could go to jail for years. If you do love her, then absolutely you should want to keep her out of jail. That should be your top priority and your own feelings should come far second to that. Jail is NOT a pretty place for what are considered child molesters, which is the category she would fall into.

If you want to keep your love alive, keep a diary, write songs for her, write poems for her, and keep them all at home until you turn 18. Once you turn 18 you can find her, your love will be even stronger than before, and everything will be legal. But if you pursue her before then, you're as good as putting the cuffs on her wrists yourself.

Police can monitor all internet, email, phones, and everything else. So nothing you could do would be "safe".

Keep your love strong in your own house. If it was meant to be, you'll both be there for each other when you turn 18. If you instead fall in love with someone else along the way, then I know she would understand and want you to be happy.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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