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Visitor's Question:
Okay so about a year and a half ago i was dumped by my boyfriend. He was mad at me because i was flriting with new guy (which i didnt want to be with but i vouldnt help but want to hear his accent. :/ i couldnt resist) and for three days before i was dumped he didnt talk to me once. at one point i was bawling at school.

then i asked him if it was over and a couple hours he said yeah. since then ive dated a few people and ive had ups and downs.

now I realize i want him back i miss him so much and i keep txting him "hey" a few times a day but he wont answer...i see him every day at school and everytime i even think about trying to talk to him a shake uncontrollably. I dont know what to do to get him to notice me. or tell him how i feel. HELP ME!
P.S. Im 16 years old.

Our Suggestion:
You say you couldn't resist - but clearly you COULD have resisted and you chose not to. Your boyfriend felt disrespected and doesn't have a sense that you would be any different going forward. So now he doesn't want to trust himself near you.

You have to prove to him that you HAVE changed, that you CAN resist temptations now and be loyal to him. If you keep texting "hey" that doesn't show him anything at all. It just shows him that you can send three letter messages.

You need to apologize to him for your lack of respect before. He needs to hear that you realize what was wrong and that you are greatly sorry about it. Start with that. Don't pursue anything else for now. Just show him that you are a more mature person, one who can be loyal and respectful, and that you want to heal old wounds. Start from the beginning.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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