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I've been dating my boyfriend for just about 2 years. Everything was going really well until 2 months ago when he started falling into a funk. He's overwhelmed with going back to school, how he's gonna pay for it, and what he wants to do with his life. In the mix, he started acting weird saying he wasnt sure if he wanted to be with me.

His friends have tried to break us up and this past week was the final straw. They ambushed and attacked us harassingly and are pushing him to break up with me.

I wen to his house and he said "its just not working anymore." he didnt wanna believe how he felt and tried to make it go away but he just feels lyk the spark is missing since he's been in a funk. he said he stuck up for me and learned alot bout his friends.

so i insisted we take a break to see if the spark comes back afta a month and no contact. (36 Days) and he told me not to get my hopes up in case it doesnt. and if it doesnt then thats it, we r done.

but he said "I dont wanna see u hurt, or upset anymore. this isn't b/c of my friends, because i still love and care about u very much." the entire time he cried and i cried.

Is there any hope that his feelings will come back? What do I do? I really love him and don't want to lose him. We were fine for a year and a half until he was in the funk and his friends are pullin me please! help me save my relationship!! please I beg you!

Our Suggestion:
If you hit a problem in life the answer isn't to run away. How can a relationship build more strongly if you guys neglect it? All relationships have ups and downs. That's why marriage vows say "in sickness and in health, for better or for worse". Life isn't always sunshine and ice cream. It has issues. And when it has issues, that's when a couple has to pull together as a team. If the couple drops and runs the minute things get iffy, how are they going to hold together when the *real* nastinesses that life has in store creep around? The things like serious illness and financial disaster?

I would go back to him and say you don't need a break. You know he's the one and that together you can get through anything. And then back that up with actions.

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