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Visitor's Question:
So I've known this guy for almost a year and we've been hinting at flirting or something. I've tried the whole graze the hand thing, but he ends up yelling "You're touching me!" or something to be funny around our friends. I don't find it funny cause I'm scared to do anything now without the whole group knowing I'm flirting with him.

How can I flirt with this guy without him telling everyone about it?

Our Suggestion:
Isn't the point of flirting making a connection that is clear? Therefore why would you want to hide it from everyone? It's not much of a flirtation if nobody at all knows about it!

He's flirting BACK at you by making everyone know about what you two are doing. So enjoy that! He's acknowledging and liking what you're doing. Do it even more! He is clearly having fun with the process. Kick it up a notch. Yell out "No, you are touching ME!" and laugh. This is the way he likes to flirt, and you have to show him you're game for it.

You're never going to change him. You have to either accept him the way he is, or find another guy who is more your style.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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