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Visitor's Question:
i'm very shy and its always been a problem. i keep trying to find a way to talk to this girl who works at my colleges rec center but i'm worried that she has similar things happen all the time and will think i'm just another meat head guido.

Our Suggestion:
Everything in life takes practice. You learn how to walk. You learn how to talk. These things takes YEARS and that is normal and OK. Flirting takes time too! You focus on "I am shy" as if that is cast in stone. Would a baby say "I can only babble"? No! The baby keeps practicing and over time they learn to talk. You need to learn to flirt! That's fine and OK. You need to practice.

So erase all thoughts about "I am shy" from your brain. You are simply learning to flirt. And that is OK and good. Think to yourself, "I am learning to flirt!" Go into all our pages on how to flirt. Practice every day. Everything worth having is worth practicing. So practice daily and every day you will improve. And then you'll be able to flirt with her, and show her the results of your efforts!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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