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Visitor's Question:
How should i try and make contact with this girl where i go for breakfast. She is not a waitress, kind of a busser and she's only there sundays when they are really busy.

I thought about asking the girl who usually waits on me about her but i'm pretty sure that her mother or some other female relative works there and i don't want to be rude but i feel like that could be used to my advantage.

I'm very concerned she may be seeing someone because a girl as beautiful as her has to have guys all over her. I really want to make an impression without embarassing her since its her place of work.

Our Suggestion:
If you like someone, you should find a way to talk with them. Women don't like to be judged just on their bodies. If the only reason you want to be with her is the way she looks, she's going to be a bit iffy on that. She'll worry - what will you do, then, when her looks begin to fade? Will you run off and be with someone else who looks better? You need to show her that it's what she is as a person that you care about, not just about her skin and hair.

So find a way to talk with her. Surely while she's bussing you can make a joke about what she's doing. There's always something to comment on or make a friendly comment about. Show her that you care about her as a person. Show her that you are connecting with her as a human being, not just as a walking doll.

Don't go through intermediaries. Connect with HER. Show her that you care about HER as a person. There is always a way!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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