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Visitor's Question:
I was speaking by skype with a woman for a month or so. She is from another city.

Lately when she asked me how i passed my day, i joked and i said "i killed few people, that's my hobby" and added few laughing smilies.

She paused, didn't like my joke and she said she got bit scared of me. I explained to her that i joke all the time and etc and that i shouldn't joke with her in this way cause she doesn't know me.

Now she is distant to me. We haven't met in person yet.

Please if anyone can help me how i can fix this somehow it would much appreciate it.

Our Suggestion:
We are all different types of people. We all have different levels of joking we are comfortable with. The style of your sense of humor rarely changes and it is REALLY important to find someone who naturally fits with it.

If you love joking like this, then you need to find someone else who loves it. If you end up with someone who is angry when you joke like this, it absolutely will not work.

It sounds like she has a very different style of humor than you do, and that is OK. I know it's hard right now, but it's probably better to realize this early on and to find someone who adores you for who you are. Someone who would laugh right along with that and ask "so how did you do it?" - that will be the woman who will stay by your side.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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