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ok this boy is in my sis's class so we dont talk much. the one time i had a full conversation with him was when our school had a walk-a-thon and he walked beside me and pretty much talked the whole time. there was a pause and he kinda stared/smiled at me.

then 3 days ago we had a dance and i was dancing with my friends. he came and started dancing with me. he was following me not like creepy following but when i was walking alone he would join me.

is he just being nice or does he like me?

i never really hang with boys and i am clueless about them

please help me


Our Suggestion:
He is clearly seeking you out to spend time with you. That means he doesn't dislike you :) And he's also not neutral about you. So therefore that means he likes you.

Your question is HOW MUCH he likes you - and the only way to tell that is to spend more time with him! The more time you spend with him, the more you can judge how he feels in return. Good luck!

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