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Well my bf have been dating for about a year [we only see each other on sundays] now and however in the first two months of the relationship i cheated with him with a guy i go to school with and we still go out, then i started to date two more guys.

then about five months into the and relationship i started to persue in dating a girl and she fall hard for me but i just don't feel the same way. but when i went to my gma house she hookd me up with one of her friend grandson now thtz 4 guys. next i went to thiz party and hooked up with 2 other guys.

And thtz my story i really hope you can help me cause qoinq to ask me to marry him in a week!!!!!! :0

Our Suggestion:
This sounds a bit like a trolling post. I will answer with the assumption that this is being posted as a warning to people who do act like this towards people who care for them.

If you're less than 16 years old then it would be fairly odd for your boyfriend to ask you to marry him. Especially if you've only been dating on weekends. Yes, young teens often make exuberant promises about staying together forever. However, usually those promises fade fairly quickly once they get out of high school. It's the quite rare teen relationship that survives after that. So my guess would be, even if he is currently thinking long term, that it is a normal teenage high-emotion phase which is not really meant to last. Millions of teens swear they will marry and stay together forever. Only a tiny portion end up doing that. And that is normal and OK.

I think it's also fair to say that, whatever he happens to feel right now, that you're not ready to marry him if you're not able to be loyal to him for even a few months. Life lasts decades, not weeks.

It's time to tell him the whole truth. That way he can choose to date someone else who will be loyal to him. It's not fair to tie him down to you if you're not serious about being with him. He deserves to be with someone who has him in mind, not the person who happens to be within arm's reach. You can't make that choice for him. He has to be able to choose for himself who to be with.

Enjoy your party lifestyle, if that's what you want. Let him find someone to settle down with who will respect his loyalty. What you are doing is not what he wants, and lying about it won't make it any better.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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