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Visitor's Question:
about a year ago after a lot of flirting from both sides me and my crush kissed and he was the one to start the kiss. he walked me home and said he would talk to me but didn`t and when i tried to contact him the coversasion didn`t go too well. we are good friend and i still love him but i don`t understand him.

he flirts with me, talks to me a lot, and every time he is drunk or we are alone without all of our friends he sounds like he is in love with me! saying "you are amazing" " i`m so happy to have you in my life".. while hugging me and almost kissing me (he kissed my hands and face a few times) but it never goes further then this and i am absolutly frustrated!

what does it sound like? does he love me? is he confused? what should i do?

Our Suggestion:
Love is a quite strong word and usually is said by people about to get married. So I wouldn't think about love quite yet. I would try to figure out if he's willing to date you, which is many steps before love.

It does sound like he likes you and that he's hesitating for some reason. Maybe he's not quite sure if you like him back, and he's waiting for you to show him. After all you keep saying HE did this and HE did that, but you never say that YOU did anything to him. Why not? Why are you sitting around waiting for him to kiss you? You're not a princess in an ivory tower :). You are a half of this partnership. So it's time for you to do your part. You need to tell HIM that you find HIM amazing, that you are happy to have HIM in your life, and if you want to kiss him, then you need to kiss him. That way he knows that you feel the same way.

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