i didnt cry, is this normal?

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My bf broke up with me. And I didn't cry. 3yrs. The love of my life, we had plans to get married, have kids... We had argued the night before. I cried my eyes out, he cried his eyes out. We spoke again the next day and I was mega cold... He said he needed to think. But I knew he had already made up his mind. Or that either way he would still end it. So I asked him why he doesnt just tell me.. and he ended it. I was quiet as a mouse, then told him it was late and he needed to get up early tomorrow so he should sleep. I didn't even cry. He was crying. I still haven't cried... Losing him has been my worst nightmare. I What's wrong with me?

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There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with you. I know people who didn't cry when their husband of 6 years told them he was leaving them. The body can go into a shock state. It is just too numb to process information. Let your body get through this however it needs to. There might be times you are simply in shock. There might be other times you're crying. Other times, you might feel relief. There are stages of grief. Give yourself time to move through them.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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