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Visitor's Question:
So I have this guy friend. We're just friends, but idk I just kinda feel that he likes me but I'm not sure.

So here's the thingy. I went on a camp with him and other people. And his tent is right next to ours (girls), and every night he comes to our tent to play cards and stuff and he would only sit on my blakets or my sleeping bag. He always put his head on my shoulder and the first night he even hugged me from the back while we're playing. Then he would always stay till 2am and then leave.

Then the last night he slept on me like on my legs while we're all bored. And while day time. He's always around me and looks at me. And when I saw him looking at me. I smiled and he smiled back. And he always sticks with me.

So I'm wondering if he likes me or not. Please I really wanna know. Thank you so much!!!

PS he's two years older than me.

Our Suggestion:
Absolutely he is pouring on as much attention as one could possibly imagine. He's not doing this all because he's bored with you. He's done everything but put a neon sign around his neck!

He's waiting to get feedback from you to see if you like him too. It's time for you to start showing him you also care!

--Your Friendly Advisors at

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