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Visitor's Question:
My problem here is that I am sending a birthday card to my ex whom I havent spoken to in awhile..

I have a beautiful card and a nice message written.

However I am starting to second guess her birthdate..

I am 99% sure it is Sept 19 but I also am thinking about the date Oct 19 for some reason it might be a date of something else significant i dont know for sure

We werent together on her birthday ever and I know its one of the 2 for sure..

I dont want to stupid if I get the dates confused but no matter what I am sending the card for Sept 19 since I really do think it is then and would rather be early than late a month

My question is what is the best way to start this card seeing im not 100% sure ?

Should I say " Im quite sure its your birthday on the 19th and I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday "

OR Should I just go with it and say "I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday" ?

Im sorry if this question sounds stupid but I dont know if its something that could hurt me if I mess up the birthdate

Maybe since its a nice gesture it wouldnt matter to her but I want to take the right steps

I look forward to your feedback...

Our Suggestion:
I would simply wish her a happy birthday. If you're wrong, she'll still be touched that you thought of her. Few people get annoyed that someone thought of them and made a minor mistake along the way :).

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