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im not sure what my feelings are for this boy i know. we've known each other for 2 years im 13 he's 12. we are part of the same circle of friends. we get along fine i think he is very funny. sometimes he would take my markers or highlighter and play with them he doesn't touch the other girl/boys thing much but it never really bother me when he take my stuff. sometimes i see in the corner of my eyes that he would look at me than after a few secs look away.

one day i looked at him and caught him looking at me we held eye contact for 4-5 seconds. when i found out he was going to be in the same class as me i was so happy i felt like jumping up & down. when he walk in i started to smile and i could'nt stop myself from smiling. i am a shy person and im not really the type to flirt with words or action i just look and smile im not really sure if thats flirting or not.

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All flirting takes practice. This is a great time to start! Read through all the flirting tips. Start small. Just say "hi" every once in a while. One tiny word. Start there and see how it goes!

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