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Well, when we first met, i couldn't stop staring at him and i took lots of pictures of him . Haha , and i think he saw me doing it because he was so shy and smiling . The next day , he was helping out a kid how to play a flute and i was there too (eating ), looking at him . So , after i finished eating , i walked passed him and our eyes met , i smiled at him and he just stared at me and i ran away to my friend , i think my friend saw it .

During break time , my friends forced me to take a picture with him but i said i dont want to because he was busy eating with his friends but they were so stubborn and after he finished eating my friends ran to him and he stopped and they said they wanted him to take a picture with me , i was hiding at that time , so they yelled my name , i went to him and waved at him , he looked at me and smiled and when i was near to him , he told me "sorry" because he forgot to bring a rose (i dont know why he said that ) and he kneel down , i was shocked , after that he looked happy all the time.

after school. I was in the car and i saw him , i waved at him and smiled and he waved back and smiled and he looked shy . The next day , he kept looking at me and smiled and when i took pictures with him , he put his arm around me for the first time . He looked happy and he started to talk to me . He sat next to me that day.

My friends told me he likes me but i dont know. what do you think ?

Our Suggestion:
I think it's fairly clear he likes you. He posed for the photo and knelt down and talked about roses. He put his arm around you. It sounds like you want a giant neon sign :).

Talk with him more, and get to know him!

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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