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Visitor's Question:
Okay, so me and this guy have been "Talking" (Not yet dating but more like getting to know each other better) for about a year but a few months ago we stopped and started dating other people. He would always tell me he missed me but when I told him I still liked him he never believed me. I told his friend to tell him that I still liked him hoping that he'd believe me but ended up telling his friend he didn't like me anymore.

A few days ago me and him started hanging out and talking and starting to get closer in a friendly way. Today he finally told me that he likes me and promised that he wasn't only talking to me to try to have sex with me and we hung out. At the beginning half of the day all we did was hang out and kiss and hug and have fun but at the end he kept trying to put moves on me...

I honestly can't tell if he really does like me again or if he just wants to have sex?

Our Suggestion:
It does seem fairly suspicious that he went from no contact to suddenly heavily putting the moves on you. You would think if he missed your friendship that he'd rebuild that friendship as his key activity.

I would definitely go slowly here. Talk with him. Build the relationship. If he's really in this for the long haul he'll appreciate that. If all he wants to do is have sex and move on, he'll get grumpy that you're interfering with his plan and "holding him up".

Either way, if he doesn't respect your wishes in this, he's not a guy to date. Dating is about mutual respect, with both people wanting the other to be happy.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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