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Visitor's Question:
this boy who i used to like is acting like he might be interested in me. i sometimes in the corner of my eye see him looking my way and if i turn to look at him he would do 1 of 2 things either keep eye contact then carried on doing his work or quickly turn around and carry on doing whatever he was doing.

i dont really think much of it but this happens frequently. we never really talk not that he is shy or anything but we use to talk a lot in 6th grade. i think he is just playing around and i think he might still like my best friend.

i want to know what do you think he is doing and maybe you know why

Our Suggestion:
If he's frequently looking at you, then it seems he is interested in you! People don't tend to look at other people that aren't interesting. Think of an uninteresting boy in your class. You're probably not staring at him all day long. You probably barely notice him.

You say you used to like him. Does that mean you don't like him any more? Then it shouldn't matter much what he does :). If you DO like him, then why not try finding ways to talk with him? We have all sorts of advice on flirting on the site.

Good luck!

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