she may be cheating

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i looked in her web history found how to cover up a hickey. She texts her boss a lot and she erases certain messages from him. When i ask her she says cause other people at work use her phone and she doesn't want them to see the things they text.

please help

Our Suggestion:
I would ask her who in particular uses her phone. But in the end if she's decided she's going to lie to you, she's just going to keep lying.

It definitely sounds like something suspicious is going on, and in the end, if she's going to continually lie to you and cover it up, this relationship is just not going to work. I would explain to her that you can't trust someone who is hiding things from you and that you need to find a partner who can be completely honest. If she's going to choose her boss over you it's better to know it now rather than later.

If she insists that she's not lying, then ask her to stop hiding messages and websites from you. But really, that could just mean that she stops using her own phone and computer for doing those activities. Once someone becomes a liar, then you can never really know how they're hiding the truth from you. It's better to find someone who is strong enough to be honest. I realize it's hard to make the break, but again it's better to do it now than when you're even more serious. I.e. right now she's lying about her boss. Who knows what far more serious things she'll lie about in the future.

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