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Visitor's Question:
okay, first these are the girl i like's characteristics:

-low profile

yeah know its a little bit weird hehe...
okay here it is..

first off.. shes my classmate and also my friend. i like her secretly and gave her some presents.. which she thought a gift of a ''friend''

when i gave a chocolate on her, she just smiled me back and say thanks... she gave an unforgettable smile on her face..

the whole class started to knew that i like her. she just joined the flow with them and calls me "my loves". yeah i know its just a joke, and thats the worst part.

we're really close. i want her to know that i like her.

please help me... and thanks!! :D

Our Suggestion:
It's great that you're friendly and flirting with her, and looking to build on that to become more close. That's exactly how a good relationship progresses!

So now you want to turn a female friend into a girlfriend. That's normal and natural. We have a lot of instructions here -


Take it step by step and build up the layers. That is how you draw closer together.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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