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Visitor's Question:
I love a girl very much. I cant live without her. But we are already in friendship break up because of my seekness.

She is in my class. I daily see her but i dont have strength to even talk with her.

I want her. And she has a boy friend.

What i should have to do.????

Our Suggestion:
She has a boyfriend already - she has chosen to be with him. If you train her to be a girl who is willing to abandon one guy for another it will hurt you greatly. Because then if she does end up with you, you yourself would have trained her to be so dishonorable that she's willing to run off with someone else as long as they flirt with her. You don't want to turn her into a dishonorable woman.

You should simply think about being her friend. Be there for her, and care for her. Show her you are dependable and honest.

If **she** chooses to break up with him in the future, then she will think of you because she has known and trusted you.

But if **you** push her to break up, she will always think of you as the person who caused that pain. You want to avoid that.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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